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Sups approve bid for bridge replacement on Causeyville Road

By By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
Aug. 5, 2003
Lauderdale County supervisors approved a bid of more than $380,000 on Monday for a project to replace the Causeyville Road bridge across Hurricane Creek.
The original estimate was $329,303 according to Terrell Temple, engineer with Engineering Plus Inc. But he said the estimate was probably too low.
Supervisors awarded the work to Joe McGee Construction at a cost of $380,059.45. The other bid received by the board was from Tony Parnell Construction for $517,203.55.
The project will be funded State Aid money.
Temple said it will take four to six weeks to have all the contracts executed for the work and then have them approved by the state.
Bridge replacement projects for Cotton Gin Road and Liberty Church Road were completed recently, and work is still being done on bridge replacement for Allen Swamp Road.
The Cotton Gin Road project was funded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency because it was damaged by flash floods in April.
Both the Liberty Church Road and Allen Swamp Road bridges were shut down because they were declared unsafe before the April floods.
In other business, the board approved a request from EarthCon, a company representing Frank Null, previous owner of a service station no longer in operation, to install equipment to clean up gasoline contamination along the Dubose Road right-of-way where it meets the Highway 145 right-of-way.
The work will be supervised by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and will require installation of a temporary groundwater treatment system.
Neal Carson, Lauderdale County engineer, said petroleum was detected in the groundwater at the site of the service station during the excavation of underground gasoline storage tanks.
Carson said the EarthCon company will pump groundwater through a filtering system and that the process may take as much as two years to complete.