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What's your fashion taste?

By By Patty Swearingen / MSU extension service county director
Aug. 17, 2003
As my children headed back to school this week, they can feel comfortable sporting their own personal style.
One of the most popular styles available for girls this fall is the updated Bohemian look, which includes pieces that are laced, embroidered and made of vintage colors. Cheek said this look is reminiscent of the hippie style that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
A new addition to the Bohemian look is updated versions of vintage wash or antique wash, which uses dyeing techniques to create a specialized worn look on a darker shade of denim.
Another addition are faux-layered tops that give the appearance of two layered shirts but are actually made of one shirt with pieces sewn into the collar and sleeves.
Boys can depend on many of last fall's denim jeans styles and clothing related to extreme sports to remain fashionable. Urban brands will continue to be popular with many groups, while others will opt for a retro look or the classic preppy style of khaki pants and polo shirts.
Boys will still be wearing comfortably stylish cargo pants, carpenter jeans and convertible pants that unzip at the knee to make shorts. Cotton-mesh material, a cloth that is cool and functional, will also be popular for boys.
Cheek said parents shopping for children ages 4 to 6 might see fashions they think are more appropriate for older children. This is a current trend in the fashion industry called "takedown branding" and involves designers using popular teen designs for younger age groups. Children's clothes also will be influenced by the celebrity styles that teens and older children often imitate.
Accessories are always a major component of fashion, and this year will be no exception, Cheek said. Ash and scarf belts will complement the popular Bohemian look, and boots with accents like embroidery and fur will be in fashion as the weather turns colder.
Brands and labels are important to students today. At very young ages, children make distinctions about which brands are considered cool and which are not. As the hot brands change, kids change with them.
Cheek advised parents to be sensitive to what kids like without breaking the budget.
If you would like more information on clothing styles, please call the Lauderdale County Extension Office at 482-9764.