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Council smoothing out budget wrinkles

By Staff
Aug. 17, 2003
Meridian City Council president Barbara Henson is off to a good start in smoothing out some wrinkles that troubled last year's budget process. Apparently, the council is already ahead of the game, meeting with department heads and making some judgments on how to raise and spend tax dollars in a budget that takes effect Oct. 1.
It is encouraging to see Henson taking the lead in getting good information to other members of the council and in communicating with others in city government. She is also seeking the input of city residents, who have historically shown all too little interest in the budget that determines where their money goes. City residents should be attentive to every opportunity in which they can express their opinions.
While details of the Meridian city budget remain to be officially determined except for one, the certainty of another increase in water rates Henson gets high marks so far for her handling of the process.