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Educational programs for children and young adults

By Staff
special to The Star
Aug. 28, 2003
Give your school-age children a chance to express themselves through words and writing with The Meridian Lauderdale County Public Library's educational and fun programs this fall.
Mutziger will teach storytelling to those who join the Storyteller's Club. She also will provide them with a setting to perform their stories.
Participants in the Storyteller's Club will meet 12 times starting Sept. 18. Registration is required and is now on-going. There will be two clubs one for fifth- through eighth-graders and another for ninth- through 12th-graders.
Mutziger, who is well-known locally and regionally as a storyteller, describes storytelling as an art and a craft.
Rhonda Smith, who works in the Adult Services Department, will lead the creative writing group.
Participants will meet 12 times starting Sept. 16. The group is open to seventh- through 12th-graders. No registration is required and those interested may join the group at any time.
In the creative writing program, participants can write whatever they want and will receive comments from each other on their writing.
Also, writing techniques of some popular young adult writers will be discussed both in terms of helping young writers develop their own style and in terms of providing young writers with ideas for their own projects.
Smith draws from her experience in creative writing and her background as an English major. She is excited to share what she has learned.
Smith also said she hopes that teenagers with experience in writing poetry and short stories, as well as those who have never tried creative writing, will attend the meetings.
For more information call 693-6771.