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Labor Day: Holiday offers
a chance to horse around

By Staff
HORSE SENSE Craig Cameron watches one of his students ride at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center on Saturday during his three-day Cowboy Boot Camp. Behind him are class participants Jan Robinson, left, of Brandon, and Bud Hailey of Meridian. PHOTO BY STEVE GILLESPIE / THE MERIDIAN STAR
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
Sept. 1, 2003
Some people marked the three-day holiday weekend by taking out-of-town jaunts. Some plan to spend time with friends and family at home or at area lakes and parks.
And others went to school or, more specifically, they participated in Craig Cameron's Cowboy Boot Camp which was held Saturday, Sunday and today at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center.
Jan Robinson of Brandon was one of them.
Robinson was surfing the Internet a few weeks ago and planning to order some video tapes from Cameron, who is known as a "cowboy clinician" and who teaches people how to handle horses.
She said she is glad those plans fell through.
Holiday weekend
Today is Labor Day the annual September holiday that honors the working person. It's also the last major holiday of the summer and the last long weekend until Thanksgiving.
Traditionally, people who travel during the three-day annual Labor Day weekend don't go that far from home because many who have the day off must return to work Tuesday.
Local travel agents say the weekend is a time when people make their last big trip of the year to the Gulf Coast.
Some people prefer to stay close at home. Over the weekend, some families picnicked at Bonita Lakes, while others barbecued at Lake Okatibbee and Highland Park.
And others focused their time at Cowboy Boot Camp. Participants in the three-day camp are shown how to control their horses and relate to them better.
Cowboy Boot Camp also was held last year. Rob Seal, director of the Lauderdale County Agri-Center, said the event was scheduled for Labor Day, the same as it was last year in Meridian, so that a three-day clinic could be held.
The fee to participate in all three days was $450. Spectator fees were $100 for three days and $50 for one day. Seal said six three-day participants registered and some spectators attended throughout the weekend.
Camp turnout
Although Seal was pleased with the turnout, he added that it was not as many people as he had hoped.
Cameron told his students Saturday that half of the secret to good horsemanship is "knowing where you're going before you get there." The other half is understanding.
Monica Hailey of Lauderdale was on horseback at the agri-center Saturday, as well as last year on Labor Day, taking instructions from Cameron.
Robinson had seen Cameron at workshops before in Tunica County and Madison County. But this was the first time she participated with her horse.