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Sept. 23, 2003

By Staff
Travel expenses out of control
To the editor:
From the 2003-04 budget presentation meeting on Sept. 15 and from information passed out on the supervisors' office travel expenses in 2002-03, spending was way, way over budget. It is extremely apparent that there is an irresponsible knowledge on supervisors' part about how to budget and control travel expenditures to be in line with the budget.
In the interest of controlling the budget variance cost to taxpayers and for travel expenses to be more in line with the budget, I would like to suggest that supervisors plan on walking the three blocks over to City Hall from their offices for an in-house seminar on travel expense control to be presented by the much-traveled Mayor John Robert Smith.
For better control of their time, supervisors should call the mayor's office before they walk over there to see if he is traveling out of town at the moment or not.
Herb Stott
How about choice TV
To the editor:
I am confused. How come we live in a democracy and have the right to choose what we want, but we can't. I am referring to WTOK Channel 11's refusal to show some prime time national programming. WTOK still chooses not to air "NYPD Blue" or "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
Are these shows really so offensive that we have to have others tell us what we can or can not watch? Let me choose what is right for me and my family to watch, not have it chosen for me.
Michael Harrison
Compassionate care appreciated
To the editor:
Many thanks to Dr. A.P. Carney and his staff for the compassionate care they showed many times when caring for our overgrown "puppy." His size alone was overwhelming to most office workers, but Dr. Carney's group never failed to treat him like one of their own. Also appreciated is the professional attitude demonstrated by all of his staff.
Thanks again for your caring help.
K. Rawson
Many choices for Christian radio
To the editor:
In response to recent letters to the editor about the closing down of Christian station "Light 102," I want to say Meridian is blessed with a lot of choices in Christian music on the radio. There are least seven Christian stations that I can think of right now. K-Love would probably be the closest to what 102 was trying to do.
Try any other market in Mississippi and you will see that Meridian has many more choices of music and Christian music than any city its size. I personally like to listen to the new 88.7 FM out of Waynesboro AFR Christian Classics but I probably am an "old fogey." Rejoice Radio, Moody Radio, Calvary Chapel Radio, Southern Gospel radio (WMER), and AFR are all good to listen to during the day and night.
Check them out.
Chaplain Dennis Marks
Barbour's the man to lead Mississippi
To the editor:
I am thankful that I live in Mississippi and it is the center of the hart of the "Bible Belt." As Bible believers, we believe God's word when it says that we are the head and not the tail.
Then why is Mississippi last in everything? It should not be.
Haley Barbour believes Mississippi can do better. I believe Mississippi can do better. I know we can. Would you please join me in voting for a man who is from Mississippi, for Mississippi and has been outside Mississippi meeting others, forming relationships to bring Mississippi to its rightful place at the head and not the tail.
Bobbie Morgan