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Weems Lifecare touts patients'
successes in fighting addictions

By Staff
OPEN HOUSE Harry Tucker, left, out-patient counselor, and Gene Coleman, director of Weems Lifecare, hope many people will attend their open house and tour tonight to learn more about the drug and alcohol treatment program. Weems Community Mental Health Center is holding the event in recognition of September being National Drug and Alcohol Recovery Month.PHOTO BY KYLE CARTER / THE MERIDIAN STAR
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
September 29, 2003
Gene Coleman likes to share things with people.
As director of Weems Lifecare, the substance abuse treatment program of Weems Community Mental Health Center, he shares his past as a former addict to help others who are fighting for their lives.
Coleman, a former Weems patient, has served as director of Weems Lifecare since 2001.
He also wants to share the program with the community through an open house today. Even though Weems Lifecare receives referrals from across the state, Coleman said, not everyone in this area knows about it.
The event is open to the public beginning at 5:30 p.m.
But Coleman said he hopes those who deal daily with drug and alcohol abuse including judges, corrections officers, probation officers, counselors, social workers and health care workers stop by as well.
Weems Lifecare treats substance abuse through in-patient and out-patient programs. Lifecare also has an extended program for those who have completed their primary treatment and an after-care program to support those who have completed their treatment.
Weems also offers an Employee Assistance Program.
After people with substance abuse problems are assessed at Weems Lifecare, Coleman said, they could be referred to the out-patient program which involves therapy three nights a week for 10 weeks.
Or in more severe cases, he said, people are referred to the in-patient program which is a 30-day residential, in-patient program.
Harry Tucker began working at Weems Lifecare in 1998 as a primary counselor. He became out-patient counselor of the center in July.
Tucker said it is important for the community to see what Weems has to offer.