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May 4, 2004

By Staff
A mother's love
Mother's Day will be here in a few days and I am still crying on the inside when I hear people talk about food they would love to taste again and a mother they wish they could see again. I, too, wish for these things, but mostly I would love to hear my mother call my name again. The way she said it, the smile on her face, how her eyes would shine when she talked about her kids showed how much she loved us all. Oh, just to hear her call my name. I love you, Mama.
Charlene Ethridge
A visitor's view
I recently drove through Meridian to see some friends and was very disturbed by the conditions that the city of Meridian has let the streets get into. When I left Meridian in 2000 the streets weren't that bad. I can see by the the garage that is being built downtown where the politicians have the priority and it is not being put on the schools or the streets.
I was ashamed because I had a friend with me that hadn't been in Meridian before. I really hope that the mayor and councilmen get their act together. Meridian is one of the largest cities in Mississippi but the politicians act like a kindergarten class when it comes to the needs of the city and its population. They need to grow up, step up to the plate and make Meridian a town that people will love to come to and visit.
Michael Scott
Huntsville, Ala.
Police priorities
My husband and I were driving toward town recently on Highway 19 North. A city of Meridian police officer was parked on one side of the road apparently trying to catch people speeding. Approximately 1⁄2 mile further up, there was another city police officer parked on the opposite side of the road also trying to catch people speeding.
With all the robberies and crime taking place in Meridian right now, why in the world are these police officers sitting on the side of a road trying to catch people speeding? Seems to me, these officers need to get their priorities straight.
J. Gilbert
No reason for stop
I just would like to let everyone know about the Meridian Police Department, which is supposed to be here to protect and serve. But I assure you they are not. My brother and I have been harassed so many times by them. We were pulled over by three cop cars a few days ago to tell us someone said we were doing drugs. We said we would do a drug test and they did not want to do that.
All I want to say is if the Police Department was looking for real criminals and not people that have done nothing wrong, this town would be a lot better. I will most likely be arrested for speaking my mind, but at least it will be worth it.
Michelle Smith