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Remember those who are fighting for the Fourth

By Staff
As we settle in for an off day today, we need to remember those who are unable to celebrate with their families and have to observe their holiday on duty with their respective units.
There are thousands upon thousands of men and women stationed overseas, who will celebrate this day of freedom while helping install freedom in a foreign land.
While July 4 is a celebration of our nation's independence, we must remember that there are hundreds of other countries across our planet that do not enjoy the same quality of life.
Freedom comes at a price, and more often than not, Americans soldiers are called upon to pay that price with their time, their skill and sometimes their lives.
It's becoming increasingly popular to renounce support for the "War on Terror."
Not supporting the war is one thing. Not supporting the men and women involved is another.
Soldiers from all branches of the U.S. military are doing all they can to continue the spread of freedom at the orders of their superiors.
We acknowledge that politics can be swept up in the decisions that are made concerning the spread of freedom but that does not cheapen our servicemen and women's efforts.
They've been given their orders and have made great personal sacrifices.
They should be commended for their patriotism, their bravery and their loyalty. People like them is why we observe July 4 to begin with.