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PCPD's tasers will help keep them safe

By Staff
The Phil Campbell Police Department are now taser-certified, just like the other law enforcement agencies in the county.
The Town Council voted to purchase tasers in the spring, and the Franklin County District Attorney's Investigator Terry Zills provided the training at no charge to the department.
Tasers offer the option other than deadly force during extreme situations.
While taser are painful for the subject, it is very rare for someone to die as a result to being tased.
It is great that Phil Campbell's council agreed to purchase the tasers for the department, and it's great that the training is being issued free of charge as well.
Police officers spend a large portion of their careers in training classes so that they will be ready in the event of an extreme situation. This training is beneficial to the officer so that they can go home at the end of their shift.
Now that tasers have been implemented in all of Franklin County's departments, hopefully, officers can defuse situations without seriously injuring subjects being pursued because whether they realize it or not, anything option is better than being shot.
We applaud Phil Campbell's law enforcement team for taking the initiative and getting taser-certified.