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Sparks settles in first week at RBHS

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
RED BAY-The first week of school is over and while this year at Red Bay seems routine, some things changed over the summer when Kenny Sparks was named Red Bay School's new principal.
"We wanted to keep a lot of the things the same," Sparks said. "Teachers and students are already nervous enough without us making a lot of changes."
If anything changes, Sparks said he hopes it's increasing the line of communication between parents, teachers and students – something he said is a key element to having a smooth transition and a smooth school year.
"They may not like what is being said but the important thing is that it's being communicated to them," Sparks said.
Sparks severed as assistant principal at the school for two years prior to his promotion to principal, and he has been with the school system since 1982.
He said that the biggest difference between being principal and assistant principal is the size of the decisions.
"As assistant principal, you make a lot of little decisions but as principal you make fewer but more important decisions," Sparks said.
He said his goals for the year include making AYP and staying out of school improvement.
The school spent two years in school improvement, and this is the school's first year out.
"We try to do things right here, and I think we are one of the better schools," Sparks said.
Johnny Cleveland, and Kay Treemore assist sparks.