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Allergies mean fall is coming

By Staff
Melissa Cason
While the temperatures are still over 100 degrees, I can feel fall coming. I base this decision on my allergy symptoms. Every year in late August, I find myself starting to sneeze uncontrollably and my eyes start to itch and water right on cue.
My allergies are so predictable that I have already made my first trip to the allergy medication aisle to find relief for my kids and myself.
Both of my boys have horrible allergies, but Jordan's allergies are horrendous. His nose starts to run, which causes redness and irritation. When his allergies act up, Jordan gets really sick.
When I was a child, I had horrible ear infections. It seemed like every fall and spring I found myself suffering with ear pain, and taking antibiotics.
When I was about 13, my doctor decided to send me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT). It turned out that the problem was really, really bad allergies. Every time the wind would blow (and I mean that literally), my allergies would kick in, and I would start to have an ear infection. Since that visit to the ENT, I have had only a few ear infections because I treat my allergies when they start.
Jordan also has a history of ear infections, and has two sets of tubes. But, I also start treating his allergies at the first sign of a problem, and as any good mother will tell you, what's good for one child is good for another.
Cameron gets a dose of allergy medicine everyday like Jordan.
Since I have made my first trip to the allergy aisle, I know that fall is on its way. It may not get cool for another month or two, but I do know the winds are starting to blow. So, for me that's enough to know that its almost time for fall, and I can't wait.