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City students sho faith in See you at the Pole events

By Staff
Three schools in the Russellville School System participated in the See You at the Pole event Wednesday morning, drawing in a crowd of several hundred parents and students.
During this event, students, teachers and parents met at the flagpole for a prayer service.
Breakfast was served prior the start of the ceremony.
See You at the Pole is a nationwide, student-initiated movement of prayer that revolves around students praying together. It involves students in elementary, middle and high schools as well as colleges and universities, according to their national site.
RHS has been participating in the event since 1993, and in 2000, RMS began having their own event.
RES began meeting at the pole in 2005.
It is encouraging to see young people and their parents organize and attend events such as this. This event is an annual event in Russellville, and it is a worthwhile and important event.
Prayer is an essential element in order to keep our faith and to help insure stability in our lives and in our community.
Felxing our religious freedoms is part of embracing our American rights. It's good to see students off to the right start at such an early age.