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County extends probate services to Red Bay city hall

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Franklin County Times
RED BAY – The Red Bay Tag and Tax Office recently began offering residents select probate services to make it more convenient for the residents.
County Clerk Myra Lewis said the Red Bay office began offering business licenses, boat registration, hunting and fishing licenses, and BCDA permits in October so customers would not have to drive to the county probate office in Russellville.
"This was a combined effort between Probate Judge Barry Moore, Revenue Commissioner Don Garrard, and the Franklin County Commissioners to bring these services to Red Bay," Lewis said.
She added that the impact of having these services in the city limits was immediate.
"A lot of people have to work and are not able to get to Russellville before the courthouse closes," Lewis said. "Now they can just swing by and get what they need."
Red Bay residents have been accustomed to purchasing their tags and paying taxes at the Red Bay office for many years, however, the other probate services are new additions.