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Be vigilant in war on drugs

By Staff
In the last couple of months, the Franklin County Sheriff's Department has found and broken up five working meth labs. In a county our size, that number is staggering.
What's even more staggering is that there are probably at least that many more out there yet to be found.
Sheriff Larry Plott gave credit to local citizens for their tips, which have led to big breaks and arrests in these cases.
In most cases, these citizens are tired of this poison being pumped onto our streets. You can help, too, by being vigilant in this fight against drugs. Something as simple as looking around you while shopping for groceries can stop a meth lab. Precursor chemicals to make meth include, peroxide, ammonia and cold and flu medicine such as Sudafed. Large quantities of matchsticks are usually required also.
Anytime you see someone purchasing these goods in high quantity, alert the store manager. And if you know who they are, call you local law enforcement agency so they can investigate it. You may just save someone's life.