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New business provides ultrasounds

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Expectant parents how have more options to see their unborn baby than ever before. Ultrasound is used to check fetal development, but it can be used to help the parents bond with their unborn baby.
Most doctors' offices used the traditional black and white two dimensional ultrasound. Now expecting parents can get a three and four dimensional ultrasound in Russellville.
Ultrasound Technologist Angelique Madden opened Little Blessings 4-D Imaging, located on Ronnie McDowell Ave. in Russellville, in August.
Madden has 17 years experience as an ultrasound technologist, and no offers two, three and four dimensional ultrasound to expecting mothers.
"In order for me to be able to do the ultrasound here, each patient must have had a diagnostic ultrasound by the doctor's office," Madden said. "What I do here is for keepsake purposes. We don't diagnose anything."
Madden said that each patient must sign a form saying they have received a diagnostic ultrasound from the physician, and a form stating that she can contact the physician if she finds anything that should be reported.
"While this is not for diagnostic purposes, I will contact the OB should I find something that concerns me."
Madden said she wants everyone to realize that this is not a substitute for diagnostic ultrasound exams.
Madden said she decided to open a place to offer 4-D imaging after beginning to work as a mobile diagnostic ultrasound technologist in May.
"I knew I'd need an office for the mobile ultrasound business so I decided to begin offering the 3-D and 4-D imaging here when I am not at doctor's offices," Madden said.
Little Blessings is available by appointment by calling 256-627-1385. While the keepsake ultrasound is not covered by insurance, there are several packages available for purchase.