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Caution needed when driving downtown

By Staff
Officials with the Russellville Police Department and the city of Russellville are urging all motorists to use caution when traveling down Jackson Avenue.
Police Chief Chris Hargett said the traffic lights along Jackson Ave. will be turned into four-way stops today.
The light signals will flash to indicate the intersection is a four-way stop.
Hargett said once the lights are taken down, there will be stop signs placed on the side streets.
Hargett said a concern along Jackson is that motorists will increase their speed.
"Everyone needs to be aware of the other drivers because there will be motorists pulling out of parking spaces in the downtown area," Hargett said.
Making these four-way stops and removing stoplights is the beginning of the first phase, which includes creating tighter intersections and replacing stoplights where Lawrence and Madison intersect with Jackson. Stop signs will simply be added along the other streets. There will not be a traffic signal at those intersections once the existing lights have been taken down.