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Summer's here and loving it

By Staff
Melissa Cason
I guess it's safe to say summertime is here. And, while, we adults don't get out of work like kids get out of school, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun too.
The thing I have been looking forward to this summer is going swimming. After months of work, I think I'll be able to swim in my pool sometime this week. Getting it ready has been a nightmare. The cover blew off during a severe thunderstorm, and everything went downhill from there.
Now, months of work and about $200 later, I should be able to take a dip very soon.
I love to swim. It's great exercise and it feels good to just cool off when it's hot.
We are thinking of going camping this weekend since the weather is going to be nice. Our boys have been hounding us to go camping so they can make s'mores at a real campfire and tell ghost stories. While I am not a best friend to mother nature, I believe if you want to camp then you should camp. I mean pulling a motor home to the lake and sleeping under an air conditioner after watching TV and playing video games 'til midnight is not camping.
Pitching ten, building a fire, telling ghost stories, eating roasted hot dogs and s'mores, and sleeping on the ground are characteristics of a camping trip.
Spending time with your kids is what it's all about. If you are going to pull out the PS 2 and then call it a night, you should just save yourself some time, money and energy and stay at home.
Another thing we love to do in the summer is go to a baseball game. This season, we are going in August, for Jordan's ninth and Cameron's sixth birthday. We found a great deal on tickets and we love to just to the games and just watch. I really like it two.
We went to two games last year, and it was great as long as you don't get seats in the fowl ball zone. Nothing terrifies me more than the thought of being struck in the head by a fowl ball, because-let's face it-I'd never catch the ball.
Whatever your summer plans, I hope you enjoy this time of peace and togetherness with your family.