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Moore sees bright outlook for 2013

Probate Judge Barry Moore will be officially sworn in this month and he said he is looking forward to what the new year has in store for Franklin County.
Moore, who was appointed to serve out the remainder of Probate Judge Mike Green’s term after he passed away in April 2007 and was elected in November to serve another term, said he has learned many things during the last five and a half years and he’ll be applying that knowledge in the upcoming year.
“For Franklin County to move forward we are going to have to work together with other entities, whether it is about economic development or about road and bridge issues,” Moore said.
“There is a lot of experience present in the current city administrations and we can use this experience to help move Franklin County forward.”
Moving forward into the new term, Moore said economic development was a top priority for him.
“I feel that economic development is very important to the citizens of our county as well as to the county itself for revenue and to help Franklin County grow,” Moore said.
“One of our greatest assets is our existing businesses and the citizens of our county. We should continue to support our local industry, and I will work with Economic Development Boards as well as with all the municipalities in a joint effort to attract industry to our county.”
Moore said the condition of roads throughout the county was also a concern for him in the months ahead.
“Our road system is in dire need of repair and that’s something we’re taking very seriously,” Moore said.
“There are tremendous costs associated with road repairs and to alleviate some of those costs, we have applied for Alabama Transportation and Rehabilitation Improvement Program (ATRIP) money and have received some funding already, which we will put to good use in the county.
“We have also applied for and been awarded community storm shelters and sirens that will benefit the county’s citizens in times of severe weather. These shelters and sirens will be built throughout a two- to three-year period.”
Moore said to make these things a reality, he plans to have open communication with the other members of the county commission, which includes the lone holdout from the last administration, Don Hastings, and newcomers Chris Wallace, Wyman Pounders and Rayburn Massey.
“Open communication is a key to any successful administration and getting updates from the commissioners and each department head right from the start and along the way will help things run smoother in the new year.
“There are many challenges ahead of us, and we will have some tough decisions to make, but I know this commission will make decisions that are best for the county.
“I think we will all work great together because we will have Franklin County’s best interests in mind in the decisions we make because this is our home, too, and we want to see it prosper in 2013 and the years to come.”