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Neighborhood watch organized

RED BAY – Neighborhood watch programs have proven to be a good tool when it comes to crime prevention, especially in smaller towns, so the Red Bay Police Department is making sure they keep their program organized in the new year.
The Red Bay Neighborhood Watch will meet Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 6 p.m. at the Red Bay Police Department.
Police Chief Janna Jackson said there has been some good interest in the program since they first got it going this past year and she hopes to continue that enthusiasm by meeting regularly to give updates and keep everyone informed.
“When you live in a smaller, close-knit place like Red Bay, you tend to know you neighbors more personally than someone who lives in a bigger city,” Jackson said.
“You know when they should be at work or when they should be at home; you know when they’ll be out of town because they usually tell you; you know what cars typically belong there and which ones don’t.
“You know all these things and that knowledge helps you be able to identify suspicious activity or people or cars and be able to report it and hopefully prevent crimes before they happen.”
Jackson said the more people who get involved in the neighborhood watch program the more successful it will be.
“We patrol our streets but obviously we can’t be everyone all at one time,” Jackson said.
“If would-be criminals know that the houses in the area are being watched by friends and neighbors, hopefully they’ll think twice about any crime they’re trying to commit.
“We hope anyone with an interest in the program will come out on Tuesday night.”
For more information about Red Bay’s Neighborhood Watch, contact the RBPD at 256-356-4455.