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Who is my neighbor?

About two years ago Mayor Troy Oliver and I went to Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Russellville. Troy introduced me to Father Jim Hedderman as a Gideon missionary.

Wednesday, Jan. 9, I went to Mary A. Bowling’s funeral at the Catholic Church.

Shortly after I entered the church Father Jim came along and said he remembered me as the missionary who came with Troy.

Father Jim also said as a missionary that I was welcome to come forward and speak anytime. I did not expect that.

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in Luke chapter 10.

A certain lawyer stood up and asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?”

Instead of Jesus giving him an answer, He spoke a parable and let him decide for himself.

Is your neighbor the priest and Levite who passed by one of their own, a Jew who had been beaten by thieves and left half dead or a certain Samaritan who risked his own life to save the man from dying.

Thank you father Jim for being a good neighbor to me.

How true it is that “kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Even a 90-year-old missionary.



             Grady P. Fuller            Russellville




People at large have been good to me. I was a history teacher for 33 and a half years, a member of the Lion’s, Civitan and Rotary Clubs.

I received the Hall of Fame award twice from the Chamber of Commerce. But nothing touches me more than the letters that I have received from people throughout the world saying “You won me to Christ.”

Be kind to one another.