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PC awarded $1.5 million grant

PHIL CAMPBELL – On Thursday, Congressman Robert Aderholt announced over $1.5 million in federal grants that have been approved to help the town of Phil Campbell in their ongoing tornado recovery efforts.
Aderholt announced Phil Campbell was awarded $1,557,408 that would go towards the construction of critical water and sewer infrastructures to support the reconstruction of businesses in the Phil Campbell North Industrial Park.
The funds came from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).
“Though the cameras are now gone and FEMA has packed up and left, long-term recovery efforts continue across the 4th Congressional District and these grants from the Economic Development Administration are examples of continued federal support,” Aderholt said.
“These funds will help rebuild vital infrastructure that is critical to families and businesses. Further, these investments will save jobs, open additional areas for economic growth, and spur job creation in our communities.
“The April 2011 storms decimated so much of our state. I am pleased to see that the federal government is keeping its commitment to work with local partners to ensure we are able to rebuild and revive our communities.”
Phil Campbell Mayor Steve Bell said this grant money would work hand-in-hand with the $2.45 million in grants and low-interest loans the town received in December from a special allocation Alabama secured from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
“This grant money will be used for the creation of a new water tower and water lines that will be placed in our industrial park,” Bell said.
“These items are necessary to making our industrial park viable to potential industry and to our town’s economic growth.”
Bell said a company has already committed to relocating in the Phil Campbell Industrial Park, even though the name of the company cannot be released at this time.
“The concrete pad for the 82,000-square foot building has been leveled out, and this company is committed to our town,” bell said.
“This will be a great boost to our economy and the water lines and water tower established through this grant are necessary to that business being able to function efficiently.”
Bell said the water tower and new water lines will also help the community as a whole, which experienced problems with low pressure in the sewer system following the damaging 200 mph winds of the April 27, 2011 tornado.
“Through previous grant money, we’ve already been able to establish sewer lines that are running from the sewer plant to the entrance of the industrial park,” Bell said. “We’ve also begun to replace some damaged sewer lines with low pressure with gravity flow lines.”
Bell said the town is also close to construction on the industrial access road leading into the park, which is being constructed with grant money as well.
“It is just an exciting time in Phil Campbell with all these different rebuilding efforts taking place,” he said.
“The grant money we’ve received is helping us with these projects that are vital to our community and the support we’ve received is overwhelming.
“We appreciate all the different people working to rebuild our town, from the federal level down to our dedicated citizens. I truly believe Phil Campbell will be stronger than ever when it’s all said and done.”