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BHS’ Vandiver headed to Wallace St.

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

High school student Melody Vandiver has enjoyed spending her entire school career in the halls of Belgreen High School.
The 17-year-old senior said while some people may think it’s a detriment to attend a school as small as Belgreen, Vandiver said she thinks her educational experience has been better because of it.
“We have such a small class size that it gives the teachers more of an opportunity to work with us one-on-one,” she said.
“If we are having any kind of a problem, teachers have time to help you and make sure you are really understanding the material.”
Vandiver said attending a smaller school also allows for a more close-knit social experience as well.
“We only have 20 people in our graduating class and with a class that small, everyone just becomes close. You know you can go to any of those people for help if you need it and you can count on them.
“Plus, we’ve all basically grown up together since kindergarten because we’ve all been right here at the same school.”
Vandiver said some of her favorite memories from her high school years have just been simply spending time with her friends.
“Getting together for each of our birthdays has to be one of my favorite memories because we always have such a good time,” she said. “We have one friend who always bakes a cake for the person’s birthday and we just have a lot of good memories we’ve made.
“Younger students should understand that high school really does fly by so you should make all the memories you can and just enjoy your time before it’s all over.”
Vandiver said she’s also made good memories being part of the volleyball team this past year and being on the cheerleading squad.
“I’ve really loved volleyball and how everyone works together and really encourages one another,” she said. “When you’re playing a sport, it’s not easy to lose but when you have a positive attitude, it can make all the difference and you can just have a good time.
“Having a positive attitude in cheerleading is necessary too because we’re there to support the team, and I’ve loved being part of that as a cheerleader.”
In addition to being a cheerleader and a member of the volleyball team, Vandiver has also been part of the Beta Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Beautification Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Diamond Dolls, the Homecoming Court and she serves as historian of the senior class.
“I will definitely miss all of my classmates and my friends at Belgreen once I graduate,” she said.
“I’m also going to miss all my teachers because I’m still pretty close with a lot of them, even the elementary teachers, since we’re all in the same school.
“It will be strange not seeing them every day, but I also think I’m ready for a change.”
Vandiver said she was looking forward to gaining more independence as a college student.
“I’m excited to be out on my own a little more and to get started working toward my career,” she said.
Vandiver is planning to attend Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.
“Wallace was a good fit for me because it’s not too small but it’s not too big either,” she said. “It’s also not too far from home and has the program I want to study.”
Vandiver said she planned to major in sonography at Wallace State.
“I’ve always liked interacting with people, especially small children, so sonography just combines all the things I enjoy,” she said. “Plus, you get to help people and that’s always a good thing.”
When she graduates from college, Vandiver said she hoped to have a stable job and she would like to be living somewhere outside of Franklin County but not too far away.
“Franklin County is a very close community and I like that, and most of my family lives here, but I like change and I think I would like to live somewhere other than where I’ve lived the past 17 years,” she said.
“I wouldn’t mind still being close to Franklin County and to my family but I would also be open to living somewhere farther away, too.”
In her spare time, Vandiver said she enjoys reading, watching old movies and just being out doing things with other people.
Vandiver is the daughter of Tracye Williams and the granddaughter of Bonnie and Jimmy Manley. She has two older siblings, Holly Williams and Jon Williams, and a younger sister, Jenni Vandiver.