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Local leaders show support for Second Amendment

Following the lead of the Russellville City Council earlier this month, both the Red Bay City Council and the Franklin County Commission passed resolutions within the last week supporting the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Red Bay officials passed the resolution at their called council meeting on Friday.
The Franklin County Commission passed the resolution at their regular scheduled meeting on Monday.
Both resolutions were similar to the one the Russellville Council passed at their meeting on May 6, which stated, “it is in the best interest of the citizens… that the constitutional protections afforded to the people and the citizens expressed in the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Alabama, 1901, including those constitutional provisions afforded by the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution and by Section 26 of Article I of the Constitution of Alabama, 1901, be diligently and faithfully supported and defended.”
Red Bay Mayor Bobby Forsythe said given the issues the country is facing today, he thought it would be in the best interest of the city of Red Bay to pass the resolution.
“The council and I wanted to expressly show support for the 2nd Amendment and the city’s commitment to uphold it,” Forsythe said.
“By passing this resolution, we are affirming our right to bear arms and our willingness to support companies who also support the 2nd Amendment.”
The resolution also states that any companies involved in the manufacture of firearms will be welcome to operate their businesses in the area.
“We want industries that are associated with firearms manufacturing to feel welcome here in Franklin County,” Franklin County Commission chairman Barry Moore said.
“We have a skilled and educated workforce that would be available for employment and we have many different options across the area when it comes to industrial development options.
“Mitch Mays and others at the Franklin County Development Authority and across the county have made it possible to have several pad-ready sites and spec buildings available for companies to move right in.
“If firearms manufacturers are meeting resistance in other areas, we want them to know they will be supported by the officials in this county.”
The resolutions passed by the cities of Russellville and Red Bay and the county commission may not be the only ones passed in the area.
Phil Campbell city clerk Ann Bragwell said a similar resolution was on the agenda to be passed by the Phil Campbell City Council at their meeting on Thursday.
Vina officials also confirmed the Vina Town Council would vote on their resolution at their meeting on June 3.
“I think that it is important to present a united front as a county in support of the 2nd Amendment in the hopes it would help bring more industry into the area,” Moore said.