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Bragwell signs with CACC

RUSSELLVILLE — The 2013 Russellville golf team got high honors for its hard work this season and in past years.

The Golden Tigers won the sub-state tournament in Cullman, allowing them to play at in the AHSAA state tournament at The Shoals in Muscle Shoals for the title.

Head coach Jason Haithcock helped lead his team to the tournament, but he can only do so much to affect the outcome.

It was the play of his team members that got the team to the finals, and Will Bragwell was his No.1.

Bragwell helped teammates Eli Hodges, Hagen Price, Aaron Jackson and Blake Bendall make the state tournament.

The team worked together as a unit to win the first day of the competition with a 308, but day two proved to be much tougher. It was St. Paul’s that came in first, but Russellville still came home with a second-place finish in the state tournament and a red map trophy.

Bragwell’s skills helped his team make it to where they were, and now his talents will be put to good use at the collegiate level.

Bragwell signed with Central Alabama Community College, a team that has had some success at the two-year level.

Head coach Dave Jennings said that Bragwell beat out other competitors for a spot on his roster.

“Coach Haithcock contacted me about Will,” Jennings said. “My roster was almost full, and I was looking at some other guys from elsewhere.

“It got close there at the end as to who I was going to sign. I had Will come and play for us at a course, and he hit every fairway and every green.

“He played well and managed the game as good as anyone, and in the end I felt that he would be a great fit for our program.”

Time can only tell what the sport of golf has in store for young Bragwell, but his immediate future at least is now set in stone.

“It’s pretty nice to get to play in college,” Bragwell said. “It’s something that I’ve dreamed of.

“It took a lot of hard work and practice to get here. I played with some of [Coach Jennings’] guys and I just sort of fit in.”

Bragwell said he has been playing golf since his sixth grade year.

“Nothing is ever the same in golf,” he said. “Every shot is different, and you can never expect the same thing to happen. That’s what I like about the game.”

The Golden Tigers also made the state tournament two years ago, but according to Coach Haithcock, they did not have the chance to win the tournament that year like they did this season.

“This is a great accomplishment for Will,” Coach Haithcock said. “I’ve been watching him grow for a few years now, and it makes you feel proud like a father to see a player sign with a college.

“Will does everything the right way, so I know he will do well at the next level.”

Bragwell said it that Jennings signing him came down to one particular moment during his chance to play with the CACC team.

“[Coach Jennings] asked me what I would do on one particular hole,” he said. “He told me to visualize the hole and what shots I would make.

“I told him what I would do and what clubs I would use. He said OK, now go do it.

“I played the hole exactly how I vsualized it and told him, and that’s what sealed it for me getting signed with his team.”