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RHS cheerleaders do well at camp

AUBURN — The Russellville High school Golden Tigers cheerleading squad recently attended an UCA cheer camp at Auburn University.

The camp gave the Russellville cheerleaders not only an opportunity to learn no routines and techniques, but it gave the talented group a chance to show off what they knew already and what they learned during the camp’s instruction.

“We went down on a Tuesday and spent the night at the Auburn Hotel,” said Russellville High School cheer sponsor Stephanie Mayfield.

“That way the girls wouldn’t be so worn out when we started the camp the next morning. The next day we went to register, and the girls got their picture made with Aubie.

“We got settled into the new dormitories that are brand new for students at Auburn. They were wonderful. We started our camp at 1 p.m. that day, and that night we performed our Home Pom.”

There were several different categories of events that the Russellville cheer squad competed in, as well as some competition outside of cheerleading itself.

Russellville was awarded a spirit stick each day at camp from UCA staff for effort and leadership and a special spirit stick awarded for Best Outfit at the Retro Flashback Dance Party.  This award was given to only one squad at camp.

The squad also received blue Superior ribbons each day at camp for their performances in Cheer & Extreme routine, first place in Cheer, first place in Extreme Routine, first place in Game Day Camp Champs, first in their division on Home Pom and fourth overall in Varsity Cheer division.

Five out of five senior cheerleaders from Russellville made UCA All-Stars: Julie Masterson, Brooke Smith, Michaela Cox, Nicole Crittenden and Lacey Oliver.

The RHS mascot “Champ” made UCA All-Star as well, with Stacy Godsey being the squad member inside the outfit.

“Champ” and Godsey also received the “Mascot’s Traditions” Award at the camp.

Three seniors were pinned by other cheerleaders for Outstanding Leadership in a “ Pin It Forward” ceremony.  They were Masterson, Smith and Cox.

Three Russellville seniors, Masterson, Smith and Oliver, also were selected to try out for UCA staff.

Winning this many awards and accolades is a testament to the hard work and dedication put forth by the squad.

“It takes a lot of hard work,” Mayfield said. “The girls worked tremendously hard. American Health and Fitness let us come up there for a discounted price for the girls. We worked out.

“They ran and had a regiment of small weights to help with our building, because our building is tremendous. We have girls that do high-flying stunts.

“It takes a tremendous amount of athleticism and showmanship, and it takes great dancers.

“A lot of these girls spend hours in the gym taking dance and stunting classes. Their hard work really showed through.”

The “Game Day” trophy won by Russellville has great meaning to the squad, as it is awarded to only one group.

“We put everything we learned together on the last day, which is Game Day, and we got first place in Cheer, which gave us a trophy,” Mayfield said.

“On “Game Day” they will call out a situation, like the defense is pushing them back, and the cheer captain will have to call out the appropriate cheer and the girls perform it. We got Game Day champs, which was awesome.”

Aside from all of the accolades won by Russellville at the cheer camp, the group will also benefit from the new cheers and techniques taught to them by UCA staff.

“It helps tremendously,” Mayfield said. “At each session we learn new things, and the cheers they learn they can bring back to Russellville.

“The coaches get copies of those cheers. We also learn an extreme routine, and that’s a dance we can bring back and perform at basketball games or at pep rallies.”