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FCSO arrests one for murder attempt

A Phil Campbell man is in the Franklin County Jail today after a Friday altercation that landed him with an attempted murder charge.

Brian Keith Fuller, 46, of Phil Campbell, was charged with attempt to commit murder, assault second degree and domestic violence third degree after an argument with his girlfriend escalated to shots being fired.

At about 5 p.m. Friday, “there was an altercation at his residence … His girlfriend had called her sons to come pick her up, and when they did, they walked through the door, and Brian Fuller had a gun and attempted to shoot them with it,” said an FCSO investigator.

The pistol was emptied, having been unloaded earlier by the girlfriend. Fuller is alleged to have next grabbed a shotgun, and as the girlfriend’s two sons, 25 and 23 years old, attempted to leave the house, Fuller is alleged to have shot the younger son.

“He turned around when he heard the gun cock, and Brian shot him, hitting him in his front left leg and front right leg,” the investigator said.

He was transported to hospital and was later released.

The older son was also shot at with a .22. Fuller is reported to have thrown his girlfriend to the ground when she tried to stop him.

Alcohol was determined to be a motivating factor in the altercation, the investigator said.

This is not Fuller’s first arrest. He was arrested for a prior similar incident, a physical altercation at his house, but it was no-billed by a grand jury.