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Open your heart to those in need

It’s almost Christmas – my favorite time of the year. Everyone seems just a little bit nicer and just a little more generous. But I want us to be a LOT more generous this year.

Most of us have always had a nice Christmas. We never went without gifts under the tree or a Christmas dinner to eat. However, there are many children right here in Franklin County that might not have a nice Christmas.

The Russellville Fire Department is still in need of donations and toys for the Helping Santa Toy Drive held each year. But what really has me upset is that I read a post on Facebook from one of the firefighters, who evidently was playing Santa. He said his heart was broken when one little girl, at the time when most children are just about to tell him what they would like to get from Santa this year, said, “Why didn’t you (Santa) come to my house last year?”

Now, think about that for just a moment. This child might have been good all last year and was completely heartbroken when she got up Christmas morning and Santa had not brought her anything. How do you think that little girl felt?
I hope you are as touched or as heartbroken as I was to have to realize how tough some children have it. Please let’s help everyone that we possibly can have a nice Christmas this year. Your $10 donation might be just the difference a child needs to not grow up bitter and full of hurt. Donations will be accepted through noon Dec. 23 at Fire Station 1.

Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, and we need to have giving hearts and pocketbooks.  Help make someone’s Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!