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Former Franklin County commissioner passes away

Gene Hamilton left behind a legacy of helping and supporting others. He was a 1957 graduate of Belgreen High School, a veteran of the National Guard, former president of AWI Local 285, retired from U.S. Reduction, Franklin County commissioner for District 2 from 1984-1988 and a lifetime Franklin County cattle farmer. Hamilton received the 2015 Franklin County Extension Service Agricultural Lifetime Achievement Award.
As with most people, his life experiences shaped his views. In his younger years, Hamilton saw the effects the Great Depression had on his family, and he saw the plight of the poor working man and wanted to change it. He had a heart for helping others. His passion to help others led him to become a representative for International and begin organizing efforts in the South.

Just as he saw the importance of unions to help the working poor, he understood that politics and servicing government was another way to advance change. Hamilton instilled his passion for service into his sons, Greg and Brian Hamilton.
He not only leaves behind his legacy of helping others but his love for baseball, and his support for the Vina High School baseball program will forever be missed. He had been a VHS baseball fan for 20 years; he tried to make every game that he could. Even the night before his passing, he was proudly in attendance at a VHS baseball game at Vina. He was their number one fan – no matter the type of season they were having.
Hamilton leaves behind his devoted and faithful wife, Brenda Hamilton; his two sons; and seven grandchildren. Politics, baseball and Alabama football were a few of Hamilton’s greatest interests, but family was the most important aspect of his life.

This piece was submitted for publication by Jessica Hamilton.