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McDowell returns for annual Roxy concert

Ronnie McDowell has been performing in Russellville for more than two decades. This year will see yet another show on the Roxy stage by this popular performer.

“We try to keep it fresh and keep doing new things,” said McDowell. “Every time I come to Russellville, as wherever I go, it’s not about me. I make it about the audience. Without them, I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing.”

McDowell will perform April 16 at 7 p.m. at the historic Roxy Theatre. He said it’s the influence of Franklin County Arts and Humanities’ Wanda Myrick – her efforts in “supporting me like you would not believe” – that keeps him coming back every year. He said he always tries to put on an entertaining show.

“I want people to go away feeling like they have been entertained. I like for people to come and forget about their worries and woes for a couple hours,” McDowell said. “I’ve never done the same show twice.”

Myrick said McDowell has “a beautiful voice” – but that’s not the only reason she’s the president of his fan club. “He is such a nice person – he treats his fans nice,” Myrick said. “He will do anything to help someone he thinks needs help.”

Myrick said for the longest time, she refused to go see McDowell in concert.

“I was convinced he might be an Elvis impersonator, and I would not go see him,” Myrick said. But friends finally convinced her, and she quickly got involved with the fan club from there.

McDowell will, of course, bring everyone’s favorites back to the stage, like “Older Women,” “Watching Girls Go By,” “Bringing It To You Personally” and “All Tied Up.”

“I’m just looking forward to coming back,” McDowell said.

As usual, “all proceeds go to help with the renovation of the Roxy,” Myrick said. “We always have something to do.”

The annual concert attracts attendees from surrounding states, making the concert a strong tourism effort for Russellville, Myrick said.

“It’s good family entertainment,” she added. “If you come and you don’t enjoy it, I would have to ask you why.”

A few general admission seats remain for purchase, $15. Call Myrick at 415-3270 to find out about purchasing.