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County to honor tornado victims

April 27, 2011, is a day few in this area will be able to forget. The Franklin County Commission is aiming to do its part to remember and honor those who tragically lost their lives during the tornado that ripped through Franklin County, particularly Phil Campbell, five years ago.

“Such death and destruction had never been visited upon Franklin County. It brought out the best in its citizens, such as acts of Christian generosity,” read Probate Judge Barry Moore from a resolution regarding that unforgettable day, during the commission’s regular monthly meeting Monday. “We saw neighbors helping neighbors… and us coming together as Alabamians and Americans to begin the process of healing and rebuilding.”

The county commission approved a resolution “in loving memory of those who lost their lives and property on that tragic occasion” and to “commemorate and celebrate the rebuilding efforts” and declared April 27 “a day of tragedy and hope, a day of sorrow yet triumph and shall forever be remembered and memorialized for those who lost so much.”

The county also announced its plans to hold a wreath laying ceremony April 27 on the steps of the Franklin County Courthouse in Russellville. The commemorative wreath-laying remembrance ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. April 27. The wreath will feature 27 roses, to honor those who lost their lives.

Moore said the county wanted to be careful not to encroach on any of the special events planned by the Town of Phil Campbell.

At its meeting, the commission also approved the following items:

–       promotion of David Nichols to solid waste superintendent.

–       promotion of Jeremy McCarley to assistant solid waste superintendent.

–       hiring of a temporary employee, Timothy Williams, in the Solid Waste Department.

–       resignation of Mike Hill from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

–       promotion of Matt Weeks to deputy sheriff in the FCSO pending graduation.

–       hiring of a contract employee for FCSO dispatch.

–       declaring eight stripped-down FCSO vehicles surplus property.

–       hiring of Kim Brooks as accounts receivable/payable and customer support clerk in the Franklin County Commission office.

–       payment for ATRIP invoices.

–       bid for an articulated tandem roller for the Highway Department, in the amount of $21,400 from Tractor and Equipment Company.

–       scheduling a public hearing in regards to vacating a portion of Highway 122 May 16 at 8 a.m. prior to the commission’s regular business meeting.

The commission discussed the purchase of energy-saving lighting for the Franklin County Commission office and decided to hold off until closer to the budget planning time. The council had also considered entering into a new uniform contract, but ultimately realized they are still under an existing contract for at least another year.