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Garden Club plans for summer planting

Cultura Garden Club members could be seen inspecting pots downtown Friday as the time approaches to replant for summer.

Pansies planted in the fall will die as the weather warms, so Garden Club members have been making sure their 40 pots are prepared for new flowers and other foliage. Carol Dykes, Martha Sibley and Josie Dugan were among those working Friday, along with Cheri McCain and Dianne Pace.

Pots grace every corner along Jackson Avenue and also spruce up the library and courthouse. In addition to the pots, the Garden Club maintains a couple of flower beds, and they aim to place several new pots this season.

Most would agree all those flowers and plants go along way toward beautifying downtown, but Garden Club members said it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make it happen – and they could use some assistance.

“We really need help watering,” Sibley said. “We only have 16 members, and some of them are not available for watering. It takes one and a half to two hours a week to water the whole town,” – and that’s an every-day-job. The Garden Club is eager to add new members or, if not full members, people who would be willing to volunteer to help water.