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A bright future: Phil Campbell, East Franklin rebuild, overcome destruction

In many ways, it’s been a long five years since the fateful day of April 27, 2011. But with a spirit that cannot be squashed and a hope that cannot be destroyed, the areas hit hardest by the 2011 tornado have rebuilt in a show of strength unmatched by the strength of any storm.

Although there is – and always will be – lingering pain from April 27, the future is bright for Franklin County. Beautiful new buildings have taken root, and there is positive growth still on the horizon for Phil Campbell and East Franklin. The challenges faced united this community, bringing strength through adversity. Despite all the heartache and destruction that confronted its people, Franklin County has emerged with a determination to celebrate how far we have come.

We honor the memory of those who lost their lives, and we honor their families. We will not forget them. We honor the emergency crews, the volunteers from far and wide, who stepped in and stepped up to make sure we could quickly find our feet. Despite all we have been through, and how hard we were knocked down, today – we stand tall.