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RHS invites all to art exhibit

The 2016 Russellville High School Art Exhibit will continue through May 18 at the Russellville Public Library. Winners are as follows:

PASTEL DRAWING: 1st – Jessica Gonzalez; 2nd – Skye Meh; 3rd – Leslie Garcia; Honorable Mention – Nicole Putman. CHARCOAL DRAWINGS: 1st –Brooke Barnett, 2nd – Alexis Siquina; 3rd – Wendy Garcia; Honorable Mentions – Brenda Ruiz and Makayla Kellum. CLAY POTTERY: 1st – Trent Shackleford; 2nd – Victoria Shook; 3rd – Jessica Gonzalez; Honorable Mention – Erica Fuentes. INK DRAWING: 1st –Sara Stevens; 2nd –Ku Mo; 3rd –Daniel Cortez; Honorable Mention – Wendy Garcia, Karlie Monroe, Jessica Gonzalez and Yaslie Deras. OIL PASTEL PAINTING: 1st – Sierra Eady; 2nd – Elizabeth Jenkins; 3rd – Daniel Cortez; Honorable Mention –Summer Hall. MIXED MEDIA: 1st – Hannah Patton; 2nd – Brenda Ruiz; 3rd – Francisco Pineda; Honorable Mention – Sydney Holt.