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Recent grand jury indicts 37

The most recent indictment returned by the Franklin County Grand Jury included indictments of trafficking marijuana, sexual abuse of a child and shooting into an occupied dwelling, among others.

Manuel De Jesus Diaz Alvarez, 54, of 3004 Highway 20, Phil Campbell, was indicted on charges of trafficking marijuana and use/possession of drug paraphernalia. Alvarez was charged with drug trafficking in May after Franklin County Sheriff’s Office investigators discovered 280 pounds of marijuana being gown at his property.

Alvarez allowed the FCSO to investigate a single wide trailer, inside which they found marijuana growing, and his basement, where growing marijuana was mature and nearly ready for harvest. He reportedly laid claim to all marijuana in production – investigators said he seemed proud of his operation, which investigators described as a “professional” set-up – 248 plants, with advanced ventilation, lighting and CO2 canisters for best production. The mature plants in the basement alone represented half a million dollars – more than $1 million, counting the plants that were still in early growing stages.

Craig Allen Braly, 46, 536 Court St., Tuscumbia, was indicted on a charge of murder. Braly was arrested in January after admitting to shooting his father, Claude Braly.

Jimmy Andrew Burcham, 23, 60 Rainbow Road, Phil Campbell, was indicted on four counts of sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old and sodomy, first degree. Burcham was charged in March after the FCSO was called to Franklin County DHR Wednesday to take a report from the child’s grandmother, who suspected sexual abuse after something the 3-year-old female victim said in conversation.

Tomas Solano Torres, 28, and Jose Solano Torres, 20, both of Maple Avenue in Russellville, were arrested in March for shooting into an occupied dwelling and indicted on charges of the same.

The brothers were reportedly having “target practice” on County Road 48, east of Russellville.

Investigators said the men were shooting at a metal building when bullets went through the building and one ended up in a neighbor’s house.

Investigators said the bullet went through the home’s exterior and lodged in a wall in the living room near where a woman was sitting.

For a complete list of grand jury indictments, see June 8 edition of the Franklin County Times.