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RES presents new stage curtains

By Bernie Moussad for the FCT


After 17 years, Russellville Elementary School will see a change coming to its cafeteria stage.

RES recently applied for a Franklin County Community Development Commission Grant in order to cover the cost of new curtains for the stage. After many years of performances and ceremonies, the curtains have become worn and needed to be replaced.

Naturally, curtains would not be the first thing the school would look at changing, but over the past few years, the school has seen many changes come to it, such as new computers, new paint on the walls and new flooring in areas. The curtains are some of the last things that have not been improved. Vice principal Paula Young said, “Normally we’d focus on helping the students, such as playground equipment or computers, but when we came across this grant, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to help replace the curtains.”

RES administration saw that the grant would cover the cost of the curtains, so they got to work on an application. One of the reasons the curtains needed replacing was that they had been stained “from water when the roof leaked a few years ago.” The many programs held on the cafeteria stage, including the 5th Grade Chorus programs and Student Council presentations, also factored into the necessity of the request.

The new curtains are now up and ready to face the new school year alongside the students who perform on that stage.