Vina hosts three-day youth basketball camp

Coach Richie Hester at Vina High School has held youth basketball camp for the past several years. This year’s camp took place at the end of July and drew two dozen eager young athletes to up their game, and current and former Vina basketball players helped out each day.

Recent graduate RJ Henderson was one of those who assisted during the camp.

“It was great. The kids got to have fun and learn some responsibility and teamwork,” Henderson said.

Sophomore Emma Humphres, junior Abby Hester, freshman Clay Allison, freshman Kaitlyn King, senior Mary Clingan and eighth grader Gracie Raper were also involved in the camp.

“I was really excited to get to play around with the little ones and teach them. They were a lot of fun,” Humphres said. “They learned a lot.”

“I think it went really good,” said Hester, who said she in the past helped with basketball camp at Belgreen. “They get to learn the basics about basketball.”

Hester said he was pleased with how the camp went and hopes it will stoke the participants’ passion for the game. Children ranged from kindergarten through sixth grade.

“The reason they were here is because they love basketball,” he said. “If they keep that love for the game, they will continue to play all through high school.”

Hester said his camp helpers made the week possible and he was thankful for their assistance.