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Children can pan for gold at Rock Bridge Canyon

Young prospectors are invited to seek their fortune like the forty-niners of old – although it won’t be necessary to travel all the way to California for this modern-day Gold Rush.

Gold Rush will be held for ages 3-12 at Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park Aug. 27. For $5, gold miners will get a hotdog, drink and chips and a chance to search for hidden gold in the creek in the canyon with specialized “mining equipment.”

“They’ll be able to get out there in the creek and pan for gold,” explained park manager Jenny Harris. “They’ll bring it over to the weigh master and weigh it and trade it in for prizes.”

Parents are invited to sit in the shade and watch their children strike it rich “or they can get in there and help,” Harris said. Parents may also purchase a hotdog or other snacks.

The “gold” might just be aquarium rocks disguised with child-safe and environment-safe paint – in fact, that’s exactly what it is – but wealthy gold-miners can trade that faux precious in for real prizes – similar to arcade store prizes, Harris said. But these little treasures won’t be the only thing, she said, that children will like about the Gold Rush.

“I think they’re going to enjoy just getting out and playing in the creek,” Harris said. “The creek right there at the waterfall is just a beautiful.”

A photographer will be on hand taking photos that will be included in the 2017 RBCEP calendar.

Signs on Highway 172 will direct gold-seekers to the site of the Gold Rush. For more information call 205-935-3499.