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$17K grant purchases 3D imaging tech for RCS

Thanks to a $17,500 grant from Georgia-based technology company Vizitech USA, Russellville City Schools will be able to expand the technology-based learning the school system is already implementing with the use of a new 3D Rover portable imaging system.

Last Tuesday, Vizitech employee Richard Boyer presented RCS with the Rover system, which is a 3D projector and theater system built inside a wheeled cart that has the ability to project videos, images and interactive lessons into the classroom with the use of a sound system, a 3D computer and 25 pairs of Active 3D glasses.

RCS Superintendent Heath Grimes said he was so appreciative to Vizitech and their foundation, Tek4teachers, for making this grant possible.

“This Rover system will open up so many doors for learning opportunities for our students,” Grimes said. “Each day we see more and more of how important technology is and how beneficial it can be in the classroom. Something like this is really a game changer when it comes to interactive learning, which is a vital component of the learning process. This system will make lessons fun and exciting as well as informative and educational.”

Grimes said the Rover system will be housed at Russellville High School, but the equipment is so adaptable that even the youngest students at RCS could enjoy it. He said he also believes it could be an inspiration to students who already have a strong interest in STEM-related fields.

“Having access to this kind of high caliber technology could be life-changing for a student who might be thinking of pursuing a future in a technology-based field,” Grimes said. “Besides helping students better understand concepts through interactive learning and thus helping them be better prepared for a future career, we might have a student here at RCS who could be the next great technology developer, just because they were able to use this equipment and it stirred them to create something else that’s equally as amazing and beneficial.”

Grimes said he and other administrators at RCS are thankful to be one of only two school systems in Alabama to receive the grant. He said Alabama Association of School Boards President Pam Doyle was instrumental in helping RCS secure the grant after she highlighted the system’s recent success with their engineering and rocketry programs.

“We continue to be so proud of the international recognition our schools received after our RCS Engineering Rocketry Team won first place at the International Rocketry Challenge at the 2015 Paris Air Show,” Grimes said. “I appreciate Pam Doyle recognizing these successes and continuing to bring positive attention to our district.”

Grimes said he also appreciates Vizitech USA owner Stewart Rodeheaver for believing in their district and their goal to be technology progressive.

“We just can’t say thank you enough for this amazing opportunity,” Grimes said. “I’m so excited for our students and our teachers to benefit from this technology.”