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Make your pet Franklin County famous

The current Franklin Living came out today, but we’re already looking forward to and planning the March/April edition, which is my personal favorite: the pet edition.

Yes, I have to admit that out of all of the Franklin Living magazine editions we publish, the pet-themed one is my favorite. It’s not only because I have a reason to put my three loveable dogs into the magazine, where they will live on in color and print forever.  I love animals and it gives me the chance to put my adorable Pugsley in the paper, who is sporting her lighter look (she has lost 15 lbs.) I’m sure many of you have the similar photos and would love to have your beloved pet make their magazine debut here in our Franklin Living magazine, which is – let’s face it – all about you and yours.

This issue is my favorite because it’s a way to recognize that our pets are part of our families. This is your chance to highlight them. They won’t have their picture in the paper for graduation or homecoming. Their births and deaths will not grace the pages of the “Franklin County Times.” But to many of us, they are just as important as anyone else. This is your opportunity to let the entire county see how precious they are. How often are the ones that love us unconditionally given the chance to be shown off to everyone we know? In print? In color?

I want you to send me photos of your pets. Send in whatever you consider to be your pet… a dog, cat, bird, fish, iguana – any animal you consider to be your pet is eligible, as long as it is a Franklin County pet. If the response is overwhelming, we might not be able to use every single one, but we will absolutely try. Please mail them to P.O. Box 1088, Russellville, AL 35653, or email to Please include the name of your pet, the owner’s name(s) and the area in Franklin County you are from.

Let us make your pet Franklin County famous!