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Letters to Santa elicit smiles, tug heartstrings

If you have a first-grade child, grandchild, niece or nephew in a Franklin County school, you’re going to want to turn to the B section and check out their Letters to Santa.

Actually, even if you don’t know first-grader, we invite and encourage you to flip over and peruse this very special annual section.

Every year we welcome the holiday requests of children across Franklin County for publication in the FCT. Every local school participates, and we’re glad to share these students’ letters with our readers – and, of course, with Santa Claus.

You’ll experience a range of emotions when you read these earnest letters, and if you’re like us, your heart will light up with the spirit of the season.

You’ll gain new insight into the hottest gift items of the year – from Squishies and L.O.L. Surprise toys to hoverboards, tablets and the gamut of video game systems.

But although every writer to Santa had more than a few wish-list requests, we smiled to see that many letter-writers are learning positive character traits and growing into good citizens. They are big-hearted, telling Santa how much they love him. They are thoughtful and generous, promising treats for Santa, as well as his reindeer, to enjoy when he comes to visit. Many of them included among their requests special wishes for someone besides themselves – a gift for a parent or sibling or a goodwill wish for their communities and the world.

The FCT has shared these letters every December for years now. As a new feature in 2018, we are also sharing some holiday artwork created by letter writers. We know you’ll enjoy seeing their creative talents.

It might have been a few years since you wrote your own letter to Santa, but we hope these letters will inspire in you a feeling of nostalgia, magic and holiday cheer.