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Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I read a true story about a man who roamed the streets in a south Georgia town whose name was Ralph. He always wore a very heavy coat, winter and summer. The author said most all towns have a “Ralph.”

This made me think of a person who many years ago roamed the streets of Russellville. He always wore a lot of clothes – summer and winter. Many of the readers of Homefolks U.S.A. will remember this man. His name was Richard Robinson.

I have been told Richard had a harmonica he would play; so did the man in south Georgia whose name was Ralph. What a coincidence? I suppose every town really does have a Ralph or a Richard. I remember several from Russellville.

Today I visited a nursing home here in Russellville. I don’t know when I have left a place more depressed than today. I am so thankful we have facilities that provide care for those who have come to the point in their lives when this type of care is needed. So many of these patients require help that the families can no longer provide. It is so sad to see many I remember from years ago, who might or might not recognize me.

One of the sweetest ladies I have ever known did recognize me today, but we were not able to carry on the conversation that we would have had many years ago. She said I was just like one of her boys. It made me feel better. She said, tell all your family I said hello. That made me so sad because all those she sent greetings to have passed away.

This lady has been a great part of my family’s life for so many years, and I love her dearly. A wonderful lady: Mrs. Betty (Bingham) Lawson. I hope I can get the courage to go visit again.

On my way out of the home, my buddy Ralph McLemore said, “Hi Bobby – you know I live here now?” I replied, “Yes, Ralph, this is your home.” He smiled and said, “Yes it is. I am the manager here.” Maybe I should say, “It was a good day after all.” So sad.

Till next time,

Your friend,