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RHS holds winter youth baseball camp

A group of young baseball players in grades one through six got the opportunity to learn valuable skills at the Russellville High School winter baseball camp Jan. 21.

The indoor facilities at the RHS baseball stadium allowed the campers to get quality instruction while staying out of the 20-30-degree temperatures outside. The camp took place from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., and for $75 campers got instruction from the multiple state championship-winning coaches along with current RHS players.

Some of the topics and drills covered included pitching, hitting, throwing and outfield and infield play, along with speed and agility drills.

The campers also received life-lesson tips along with the athletic training.

The camp is one of a couple held each year at Russellville High School, and the winter camp is always a signal that baseball season is just around the corner.

Russellville head coach Chris Heaps said he likes that the RHS winter camp held each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day takes place just after the he attends the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association clinic in Birmingham. “We had some great speakers down there,” Heaps said. “That clinic and this camp kind of kicks you into, ‘it’s time to get it ready.’”

Heaps said about 30-35 young athletes attended the camp Monday, out of the 40 that were expected. He said 10 preregistered children were not able to make it because of the flu.

“The younger that we can start these guys and get them involved and interested in this, it’s a plus for us in the future,” Heaps explained.

Having the current RHS players help out with the camp is an added bonus and an opportunity for them to give back to the community, which fits in perfectly with MLK Day. “People buy tickets to come watch us play, people buy ads, people do a lot of things, and the community supports us,” Heaps said, “and I wanted them to come up here and support these kids.”