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Club Chronicles: Cultura club talks grocery gardening, garden gloves

The March meeting of the Cultura Garden Club was held at the home of Brenda Oliver with co-hostess Hillary Hall.

JoAnn Graham presented the program on Grocery Store Gardening. She explained the nature of seeds is to grow, and many of the fruits and vegetables we buy from the grocery store have viable seeds that are just waiting to sprout. Gardeners can save seeds from heirloom, or open-pollinated, tomatoes, peppers, melons and squash to plant. She shared some plants she grew from these types of seeds.

The institute on The Importance of Wearing Gardening Gloves was presented by Debbie Beason.

Working in a garden involves working with rocks, dust, dirt and thorny plants. All of these items can cause injuries and scratches to the hands of gardeners – not to mention the bugs, spiders and other pests that can cause problems. The dirt can be drying to your hands. Dry skin scratches easily, and incidentally can become infected while working in your garden. In fact, there are bacterial and fungal infections that can be acquired from digging in your garden. The soil in gardens contains a lot of micro-organisms that can produce infections in open skin.

Gardening gloves can prevent bacterial hand infections, which can be minor or very serious. Each member was given a pair of garden gloves.

President Hillary Hall distributed a calendar of upcoming activities and a Wish List for Safeplace.  Information for the spring fundraisers was given to each member. Orders for hanging baskets and premium garden choices at the cost of $14 to $20 are being taken. Selections include geranium, dahlia, herbs, lantana, millibell sunbeam, wave petunia and mixed baskets.  Proceeds will be used for community beautification projects. The orders will be delivered before Mother’s Day.

Ms. Hall also reported that Cultura Garden Club won the Roger Bedford Unsung Hero Award at the Chamber of Commerce Partnership Banquet. At the close of the meeting, she presented each member with a bird container with bird seed.

Club Chronicles is written by Susie Hovater Malone.