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Russellville police, fire departments honor leadership with bicentennial badges

In honor of the state’s bicentennial celebration – which began in 2017 and concludes this year, coinciding with the bicentennial of the City of Russellville – the Russellville Fire and Russellville Police departments each took the opportunity to acquire special bicentennial badges for their members. RFD Chief Joe Mansell and RPD Chief Chris Hargett also each ordered six additional badges – one each for the mayor and city councilmembers.

They presented the badges during the Russellville City Council meeting Monday.

“We wanted to give y’all a badge with your district and title as a keepsake,” Hargett said, adding his gratitude to the council for everything it does for the city. He presented a badge to each of the councilmen – David Palmer, Arthur Elliott, William Nale, Jamie Harris and Gary Cummings – as well as Mayor David Grissom.

Cummings had only one question – “We can’t arrest nobody with these, can we?” he asked, drawing a chuckle from his fellow councilmembers and attendees at the meeting.

Mansell added his own appreciation to the council in presenting the badges from the fire department. “Twenty-seven going on 28 years working for this city … I’ve had the opportunity to work for several mayors and several councils, and none of y’all outside of Councilman Elliott was involved in the process of hiring me, but I’ve always said, it seems like the mayor and council just keep getting better and better,” Mansell said. “I appreciate y’all. Lots of times, like Chief Hargett said, y’all don’t get any credit.”