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Oct. 16-31, 2019, Land Transactions

Oct. 16

Judy Motes to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Rickey Whitten to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Russell Cantrell to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Taylor Salow to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Lauri Salow to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Tony Turbyfill to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Brenda Turbyfill to Alabama Power Company, Easement

John Petree to Tillman Infrastructure, Memorandum

Community Spirit Bank to Tillman Infrastructure, Agreement

Oct. 17

Charles James to Larry James, Survivorship

Joshua Pinkard to Shane Clay, Survivorship

Robert Zarges to Gabriel Minor, Survivorship

Brad Horton to Brad Horton, Quit Claim

Valerie Bowers to Pleasant Acres Investment, Warranty

Idena Beckwith to Heather Beckwith, Warranty

Gregory Barnett to Town Hill Enterprises, Warranty

Virgil Scott to Brian Scott, Easement

Paula Lindsey to Brittany Simmons, Warranty

Oct. 18

Billy Bolton to Verda Wright, Affidavit

Joe Beasley to Verda Wright, Affidavit

Deborah Wiggins to Shane McNeil, Warranty

Oct. 21

Gregory Bishop to Andrea Bishop, Power of Attorney

Gregory Bishop to Billy Inmon, Survivorship

Virginia Allen to Jose Felipe, Survivorship

Second Creek LLC to Ralton Baker, Agreement

Mamie Daily to Susan Emmons, Personal Representative

Imogene Ray to Julian Glass, Warranty

Oct. 22

Terry George to Crystal Pearson, Warranty

Tamera Lane to Mark Daniel, Survivorship

Daniel Pontone to Michael Blackburn, Affidavit

Sandra Bianco to Roger Hollimon, Warranty

Delfino Mojica to Jose Castaneda, Survivorship

Oct. 23

Roy Strickland to Sheree Canida, Warranty

Josh Epperson to Jerry Gober, Warranty

Vergil McKelvy to Kathy Tompkins, Power of Attorney

Vergil McKelvy to James Ward, Warranty

Spartan LLC to Elizabeth Diego, Contract

Eloise Hall to Ricky McGee, Warranty

Cynthia Barksdale to Tony Barksdale, Quit Claim

Royce Isbell to Kim Raper, Warranty

DBD DGRP 17 LLC to Thomas Francisco, Warranty

Hazel Storm to Mitzi McNutt, Power of Attorney

Oct. 24

Lola Wood to John Gilbert, Warranty

Jason Hill to Gaberial Lawler, Survivorship

Julious Osborn to Blake Crain, Warranty

Judith Evett to Judith Evett, Warranty

Charles Williams to William Trapp, Corrective

Toby Gray to Shirley Freeman, Warranty

Sharon Cole to Dwayne Rigsby, Affidavit

Oct. 25

Tammy Baker to Marty Vandiver, Warranty

Judy Weatherford to J L Rentals LLC, Warranty

Franklin County

CDC authorizes COVID-19 vaccine for children


Russellville celebrates freedom at Jam on Sloss Lake Monday


RFD responds to downtown structure fire

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H announces horse club, summer day camps

Franklin County

Sweet T’s Meat & Greet celebrates grand opening

Franklin County

Bank Independent launches School Share

Franklin County

First Metro Bank reaches nearly 2,000 local students through financial literacy efforts

Franklin County

County votes in primary runoff


Kids, Kin program, Girl Scouts present information at RPL

Franklin County

FC Rescue Squad president faces arrest for theft

Franklin County

Summer P-EBT benefits go to families of eligible school children


Red Bay City Council approves water, gas board resolution


Red Bay Council discusses regulating vicious animals

Franklin County

Furr Fest fundraiser sees success

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2001, Kathryn (Keeton) Nix


Phil Campbell festival unites friends for food, fun, music


BTCPA gears up to perform ‘Leading Ladies,’ final play of season


Phil Campbell Police Department adds new vehicle to its fleet


Face-painting fun, crafts, treats delight at RPL


PC prepares to enforce noise, impoundment ordinances

Franklin County

Blue Springs VFD holds Furr Fest fundraiser

Franklin County

Russellville promotes race amity June 12

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2000, Lindsay (Gerstman) Almond


PC Title Loan opens