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Nov. 16-30, 2019, Land Transactions

Nov. 18

Roy Sutton to Wayne Welburn, Warranty

Roy Sutton to Beth Morgan, Warranty

Roy Sutton to Jim Sutton, Warranty

Roy Sutton to Wayne Welborn, Warranty

Amy Hester to Simon Hunter, Survivorship

Nov. 19

Christian Zepeda to Jeremy Cummings, Survivorship

Lisa Witt to Lance Germany, Warranty

Neal Taylor to Daniel Peppers, Survivorship

Herbert Cooper to Bradley Rhodes, Survivorship

Maranda Maggerise to Daryl Chambers, Warranty

Anthony Stidham to Bingham Real Estate, Quit Claim

Bingham Real Estate to Vernon Hood, Survivorship

Aaron Harbin to Gregory Collier, Survivorship

Nov. 20

Ann Lackey to Adkisson-Lackey LLC, Mineral

Ruth Lackey to Christina Wilson, Power of Attorney

Adkisson-Lackey LLC to Christina Wilson, Power of Attorney

Greg Parrish to Aaron Welch, Warranty

John Thorn to Deborah Cansler, Warranty

Megan Riley to Megan Riley, Survivorship

Shannon Oliver to Stratton U Barnes, Affidavit

Shannon Oliver to Jaradda Sparks, Warranty

Melinda Frix to Myron Herring, Warranty

William Vinson to Richard Rowland, Warranty

Nov. 21

Wilma Ghrigsby to James Watts, Quit Claim

Steve Pace to Charles Morris, Survivorship

Jerry Davis to Jerry Davis, Warranty

Pamela Mitchell to Clayton Curry, Warranty

Nov. 25

Billy Inmon to Diana Perez, Warranty

George Rogers to Jose Lopez, Survivorship

Sandra Hosea to Jose Merida, Survivorship

Edith Hester to Jose Merida, Survivorship

Thomas Myers Michael Tierney, Survivorship

Chadley Warhurst to Rodney Cox, Survivorship

Richard Parks to Richard Parks, Survivorship

Patricia Harris to Patricia Harris, Warranty

Harold Pace to David Cason, Administrator’s

Thomas Pounders to Terry Garrett, Survivorship

Billy Johnston to Alton Hester, Corrective

Nov. 26

James Higgins to Gary Higgins, Warranty

Nov. 27

Wilma Ghrigsby to Rebecca Hamm, Power of Attorney

Armando Mendoza to Andres Manuel, Warranty

Neal Nichols to Freddy Escobar, Survivorship

Franklin County

CDC authorizes COVID-19 vaccine for children


Russellville celebrates freedom at Jam on Sloss Lake Monday


RFD responds to downtown structure fire

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H announces horse club, summer day camps

Franklin County

Sweet T’s Meat & Greet celebrates grand opening

Franklin County

Bank Independent launches School Share

Franklin County

First Metro Bank reaches nearly 2,000 local students through financial literacy efforts

Franklin County

County votes in primary runoff


Kids, Kin program, Girl Scouts present information at RPL

Franklin County

FC Rescue Squad president faces arrest for theft

Franklin County

Summer P-EBT benefits go to families of eligible school children


Red Bay City Council approves water, gas board resolution


Red Bay Council discusses regulating vicious animals

Franklin County

Furr Fest fundraiser sees success

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2001, Kathryn (Keeton) Nix


Phil Campbell festival unites friends for food, fun, music


BTCPA gears up to perform ‘Leading Ladies,’ final play of season


Phil Campbell Police Department adds new vehicle to its fleet


Face-painting fun, crafts, treats delight at RPL


PC prepares to enforce noise, impoundment ordinances

Franklin County

Blue Springs VFD holds Furr Fest fundraiser

Franklin County

Russellville promotes race amity June 12

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2000, Lindsay (Gerstman) Almond


PC Title Loan opens