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Hi folks,

When I checked to see if we would have a service at church this past Sunday, I was told we would not. It would be on Zoom and Facebook.   

I have no idea what Zoom is, and when I got to Facebook, all I could see was the church location and lessons from a long while back.   

I am thankful for modern technology but afraid that I have been “lost in the shuffle.”

I was finally able to see a short sermon from Max Lucado, in which he made some very good points about the present times in which we live and the problems we are facing, and at the close I was able to observe the communion, The Lord’s Supper.

I am thankful I did get to hear a lesson from God’s word.

We can all take a lesson from this in our history, and I hope it’s a lesson we will never forget.

History will remember when the coronavirus began and how many selfish people suffered to show their true feelings about their fellow man.

History will remember when the schools closed and friends never reconnected.

History will remember when we were asked to stay home, and stay inside, and that’s when our true friends showed up.

History will remember when the essential workers and other professional people were asked to carry on, and they did; they threw water on the fire and did not run.

History will remember, I hope, when the virus left and the heavens opened and people came out. They hugged, they smiled, and they started over again, hopefully with kinder hearts, more wisdom and more thankfulness than ever before.

Til next time,

Your friend,