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April 2020 Land Transactions

These are the land transactions for April

April 1

Eral Paden to Joan Paden, Power of Attorney

William Carden to William Carden, Warranty

April 2

Michael Barnett to Hayden James, Survivorship

Ronald Burgett to Todd Johnson, Survivorship

Amy Rhodes to Larry Haithcock, Survivorship

Corey Adams to Brittany Adams, Quit Claim

Magen Sparks to Maleny Gallardo, Survivorship

April 6

Laila Jager to Jose Medorio, Warranty

Town of Vina to Allen Raper, Warranty

Regions Bank to Fairchild-Mohr Minerals, Mineral

Federal National Mortgage to Vantage Point Title, Power of Attorney

Jana Branch to Mikan Kerby, Warranty

April 8

Mateo Ramirez to Constantino Jimenez, Warranty

Quality Land and Timber to Daniel Mason, Timber

Billy Hopper to Tracey Fretwell, Survivorship

Daniel Pace to Kerry Hester, Survivorship

Carl Hobbs to Barry Cleghorn, Survivorship

April 9

Marilyn Gasaway to Angela Hutcheson, Power of Attorney

Manuel Gasaway to Marilyn Gasaway, Power of Attorney

Watkins Property to Wilson Bank & Trust, Assignment

April 10

JBBR to Efrain Salgado, Warranty

Sean Coffey to Traders and Farmers Bank, Foreclosure

Industrial Development to Industrial Development, Resolution

Susan Bishop to Jose Sanchez, Contract

April 13

Pedro Miguel to Pedro Miguel, Survivorship

David Cochran to David Cochran, Warranty

Jimmy Fretwell to Steven Alexander, Survivorship

Bryant Haines to Robert Moomaw, Survivorship

Dorothy Herston to Claudia Vidal, Survivorship

John Gilbert to Christian Chaves-Robles, Survivorship

Michael Tyra to James Morgan, Survivorship

Secretary of Housing to Phillip Barksdale, Warranty

April 14

Inez Coan to Paige Wehunt, Power of Attorney

David Lancaster to Jeffrey Strickland, Warranty

James Strickland to Jolee Mcneese, Clerk’s

April 15

John Bostick to Harriett Bostick, Corrective

Henry Pace to Heather Taylor, Affidavit

Henry pace to Judy Evett, Affidavit

Brian Pace to Hunter Jordan, Warranty

United States of America to Greg Parrish, Quit Claim

April 16

Rita Inman to Hilda Ledbetter, affidavit

April 17

De McGuire to Lee Hacker, quit claim

Barbara Staggs to Fred Staggs, warranty

April 20

Robert Summerhill to Robert Summerhill, warranty

Patti Kimbrough to Taylor Hargett, survivorship

Bryan Vandiver to Richard Gandy, survivorship

April 22

Kesha Cook to De McGuire, tax

Raymond Mansell to De McGuire, tax

Warren Aldridge to De McGuire, tax

Robert Summerhill to De McGuire, tax

Bruce Heuszel to Randall Jensen, cemetery

Diana Pounders to Harriett Bostick, affidavit

Frances Beasley to Kerry Beasley, warranty

April 23

Martha Brewer to Lineco Inc, corrective

Mike Madden to Lineco Inc, affidavit

Jacqueline Hutcheson to Lineco Inc, affidavit

Webster Graham to Larry Mitchell, warranty

Kenneth James to Flossie Luna, affidavit

Jerry Bradford to Tomas Vazquez, survivorship

Stephanie Hayes to Mark Sampson, warranty

Glenda Sampson to Mark Sampson, warranty

Veronica Stancil to Brad Horton, tax

April 24

Connie Green to Kimberly Shelton, warranty

Phillip Barksdale to Cynthia Karcher, warranty

JBBR Inc to Leticia Soto, survivorship

April 28

Annie Suggs to Sharon Suggs, warranty

Darian Creekmore to Hunter Dill, warranty

Thomas Bush to GKLG Properties LLC, warranty

Mackay Barr to Myles Boone, survivorship

April 30

James Strickland to Chris Wallace, Clerk’s