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RCS shows strength and resilience

FRANKLIN LIVING—I have said many times that Russellville City Schools is unparalleled when it comes to the quality of educators and staff we have, but for the past month, this statement has never been more true. 

What educators and educational staff have experienced during this pandemic is unprecedented. We have had no road map to navigate the situations we’ve found ourselves in. Yet our administrators, our teachers and our staff members have handled this situation with such resilience. They have done whatever needed to be done to make sure our students could finish their school year strong.

Our CNP staff has made sure our students would still be fed. Our custodial and maintenance staffs have kept our schools clean, sanitized and well-maintained. Our administrative staff has planned and strategized and kept operations running. Our teachers are making themselves available to help their students virtually to make this easier for them and their parents. I have heard so many instances of our teachers and staff going above and beyond, and I am proud to call them colleagues. I am thankful for their efforts and for their dedication. Our community should be so proud of each RCS employee and how they have kept our schools afloat during this time. 

And speaking of proud, I would be remiss if I didn’t also speak about how proud I am of our students and our parents as well. For our students, ending the school year two months early might have sounded like something exciting at first, but as this pandemic has lingered, our students have missed their fellow classmates, their teachers, their activities and the sense of normalcy they were used to. They have had to adapt and take on even more responsibility when it comes to their education. And our parents have had to step in and help their children adapt to these changes and to going to school virtually, many of whom are doing this while still working and helping their households navigate this pandemic as well. Our students and our parents have showed such resilience and such a commitment to making this work, no matter what.  

None of this has been easy for any of us, but I am so proud of RCS. It’s been an honor to see the Golden Tiger Pride shine through and the spirit of charity and helpfulness that’s been displayed. I truly believe we will all come out stronger and more grateful for the big and small things in our lives than we ever were before. And that’s something I hope we carry withy us for years to come. 

As always, it’s GREAT to be a Golden Tiger!

Heath Grimes is the superintendent of Russellville City Schools. He and his wife Amy have three daughters: Leah, Halle and Erin.